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Next stop...Echo City!

This Misadventures of Echo City Capers is a kid-positive, slap-sticky comic series featuring incompetent villains, a stumbling yet lovable hero, and host of other wacky characters populating a city that never sleeps...but certainly takes a nap every once in a while.

Issues Currently Available

On sale now. Issue 3 "Follow Boo Follow Me"


The Monsters of Echo City slither, sneak and often burp from eating too much. Every citizen knows they exit, but hopes never tp see them...not because they usually can't get out of their own way.

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On sale now. Issue 1 "Magic Carpet Ride"


Presto Chango, the world's worst magician, steals the famous 24-karot Phat-Hi-Knee Top Hat. Will Nightbat be able to stop the magician and his bench bunnies, or will Nightbat be dealt a hand he can't play?

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On sale now. Issue 2 "Color My Curls"

Echo City Capers Book #2 Starring Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune, Echo City's mythical madam, finds a grey hair while taking a selfie. In her vanity the lady sets upon the city's Annual Apple Festival. Will Nightbat get to the core of the mayhem or get peeled in the process?

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